HSG Banking Days

Find your future talent

At HSG Banking Days, you will have the opportunity to personally get to know highly skilled students at a top University. Impress students with all that your company has to offer as a prospective employer and show them the attractive opportunities available in the financial sector. 

Our young talents are characterised by their inquisitiveness, high performance and dedication. As an employer, you will benefit from this combination, and during the HSG Banking Days, you can discover which candidates are best suited to your company. 

Make the most of this opportunity – we look forward to seeing you there! 

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Programme and prices

You can book either a half-day- or a 2-hour-package. Additionally you can host an evening program (Dinner, Confect & Connect or Escape Room). If you are present half a day at the HSG Banking Days, you can also offer additionally a Public Presentation for the students.


This recruiting event is organised by the Career & Corporate Services (CSC) in
collaboration with the Master of Arts HSG in Banking and Finance (MBF) and the Bankers' Club.